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King Tide

about our farm

Our farm is a 40 foot refrigerated container that has been converted into a hydroponic smart farm. Taking up only 320 square feet our container translates to 2 acres of traditional farm land. What sets us apart is that we are practicing Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), which allows a grower to reduce the incidences of pests or disease, increase overall efficiency, and save resources. We utilize hydroponic growing systems to ensure that the plants receive optimal nutrients and water needed to produce an ample crop. The entire process of CEA focuses on making the most of space, labor, water, energy, nutrients, and capital to operate while still producing a bountiful harvest.


Our farm can produce crops all year round and is unaffected by the weather. We prioritize minimizing our carbon footprint by recycling water and only using the exact amount needed for each plant to thrive. Being centrally located in North Charleston, allows us to eliminate the need for interstate logistics with large carbon emitting equipment. Together with traditional agriculture methods we will be able to provide more sustainable food for the future. Lettuce be a part of the solution!


Did you know the FDA considers "local" crops/produce/livestock to come from up to 400 miles away? With 90% of our nation's lettuce coming from Arizona & California, that produce will lose over a 1/3 of its nutritional value while in transport. Shopping from local farms allows you to avoid your produce shuffling through countless hands and days of travel before it gets to you. At King Tide farms, we will never face any of these issues and will always be able to provide Charleston with the best hyper-local produce available.

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